If you want the lifestyle, then do the job

Today I had some paperwork to take care of and needed to venture into the city.  As I waited around at 9.00 I noticed the office workers arriving coffee in hand. If this was a 'normal' day, I'd already have been at work for 90 minutes. Quiet foyer reminded me again why I will never return... Continue Reading →

Should teachers be dreading the start of school?

I've still got a week let of holidays. Something I notice as schools start up after a long break, is quips about starting up school again. Like countdowns I wonder what sort of message we are sending about learning? Is it something to be endured rather than enjoyed? To be clear, there are certain things I... Continue Reading →

Be kinder than necessary…

As the end of the semester (or year) rolls round, teachers are tired. Getting reports in, tying up loose ends, extra events. This can lead to changes in timetable, having to cover extra classes or practices. It can be easy in these instances to moan and complain. Or you can choose to be kind. Take on the... Continue Reading →

Bad days often start first thing in the morning

Maybe it's because I am a night owl and find mornings particularly hard to deal with, but bad days often start with something small in the morning. That small event seems like cascade effect. Schools are such busy places that if something pushes you off kilter early on, you inevitability spend the rest of the day... Continue Reading →

Knowing when to pull back…

It's a cheesy line from the 'tell me about a weakness' in a job interview but I do have a rather nasty habit of over-committing. In addition to all the usual start of the year craziness, the first four weeks of school I've: Planned and led a field trip for 3 classes Organised a film screening... Continue Reading →

I don’t know how she does it…

A few weeks ago a blog post it's for the kids...  from @kerriattamatea got me thinking. How often when you talk about doing something new or different have you heard: "I don't know where you find the time..." "That would be nice if I didn't have to do..." "You obviously don't have a life..." "Don't you ever sleep?!" Teachers are... Continue Reading →

To be inspiring, you need to be inspired

At the end of last term, I was physically sick. Migraines, a really nasty cold were getting me down. I was creatively and pedagogically spent. And then I had the most amazing two weeks in Japan. I experienced so much, the language, the toilets, riding the bullet trains, art, music, cityscapes, the bamboo forests, shrines, deer... Continue Reading →

Teaching under the influence of migraines

I had been migraine-free for over a year. That all came crashing to halt yesterday as the auras, throbbing head pain and nausea arrived in one big party. I've tried to explain to people who don't suffer from them that my experience of migraines is that is a combination of a searing headache, worst hangover... Continue Reading →

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