Making music 

Our year started off a musical note - with the beat of drums to usher in the new school year. I wonder what this year will bring...    

How could the PYP workshop be better?

One of the aspects that excited me about teaching in a Primary Years Programme school is an ongoing commitment to professional development of teachers. An integral part of PD for PYP teachers is attending a workshop. The workshop is held over several days there's a 'getting started' workshop as well as one of different aspects of the... Continue Reading →

I didn’t have my ‘own class’ this past year – thoughts on team teaching

One of the things about teaching in a recently established school is that you have to be flexible. This past year I've been teaching the bulk of my time in one class and then releasing my team leader's Year 3 class while another teacher teaches the first class. I've had a lot of raised eyebrows and... Continue Reading →

What the kids think they know… unlearning in science #edsketch15

This article really resonated with me. At present my class is looking into how forces shape the planet. As I watched excepts from the film Private Universe, I found myself being overly optimistic about the effectiveness of my own teaching. I immediately wondered if the misconceptions highlighted would be so widespread in the southern hemisphere where seasons are seen... Continue Reading →

You can’t force collaboration 

One of the joys for me as a primary teacher working in an international school is that I have access to the specialist knowledge and resources from having a secondary school on site. When preparing for the current unit of inquiry into forces shaping the planet, I sent an email asking one of the physics... Continue Reading →

Why is so little teacher professional learning classroom based?

Last week Kath Murdoch tweeted out something that got me thinking. Why is so little teacher professional learning classroom based? I met Kath in a seminar room. Kath was brilliant and her workshops were illustrated with examples of her teaching. Nevertheless I still walked away thinking to myself. I really would have liked to... Continue Reading →

From inspiration to action 26/365

One of the challenges I issued myself after my visit to NIST was to be more mindful of unpacking  Primary Years Programme (PYP) attitudes with my class. The class is currently exploring a unit of inquiry into 'Cultures express themselves through the Arts.' The children have been looking at this concept through lens of photography as they prepare a portfolio of... Continue Reading →

“How can we do research if we don’t have a computer?”

Every so often a child says something that reminds again that their lived reality is so different from my own. I had set up the children in my class with a small provocation to ponder during the week, that transportation needs engines to move. The kids and I tottered off to the library with the burning... Continue Reading →

2013 in review – 13 from 13

A bit late for a year in review but with moving countries I've been a tad busy. The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog which I've included below. However I've decided to do my own round up of my favourite posts from each month and my all-time favourite post of... Continue Reading →

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