From inspiration to action 26/365

One of the challenges I issued myself after my visit to NIST was to be more mindful of unpacking  Primary Years Programme (PYP) attitudes with my class. The class is currently exploring a unit of inquiry into 'Cultures express themselves through the Arts.' The children have been looking at this concept through lens of photography as they prepare a portfolio of... Continue Reading →

10 tips for First Year Teachers

1. Don't talk over the kids If there is one piece of advice I could give you, it is  this. Never talk over the kids.  You might have to wait a long time for their attention and on occasion you might have to stop and wait. Be patient. Allowing the kids to talk over you... Continue Reading →

How ditching the desks turned my classroom into a 21st century learning space

I spent a great deal of last year enamoured with the idea of modern learning environments. One of my placements was at a school which had a large awhina area (an indoor court-yard) shared by 4 classes as a break-out space. It was fantastic to have a space for the syndicate (group of 3-4 classes)... Continue Reading →

Is Teaching a Creative Profession?

A few weeks ago, I was at meeting where the presenter remarked to the largely teacher audience that we would have to excuse her creative right-brain tendencies during her presentation. I've been ruminating about this off-hand remark for weeks, the idea that teaching isn't a particularly creative profession. Certainly when we think of creative fields,... Continue Reading →

#Ignition2012 – We’ve got MAGIC to do

I always feel uncomfortable when people start talking about leadership. Especially if it happens to be in the context of events that have the tag 'Emerging Leader' 'Young Leader' or 'Future Leader.' Leaders have interesting things to say, leaders have responsibilities, leaders don't forget to take the class roll after lunch. Me? I think opinionated geek... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: The First Post

Welcome back dear readers and happy 2012! I am now in possession of keys to a classroom I'm responsible for. But right now there are no students only a couple of teachers oh and me. Hang on. I'm one of these teacher people now too. A school without students is a very surreal place. Possibly because... Continue Reading →

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