New Beginnings – moving during a pandemic

The pandemic moved from raging around the periphery of life in Singapore to forcing those of us on the little red dot into our homes to join millions of others in off-campus learning.  Then I said a 'hard goodbye' to my awesome Year 6 teaching team and my home for the last six years in... Continue Reading →

What is an international school?

One of the inevitable questions you get asked when you are travelling for an extended period is, "What do you do?" When I answer I'm an international school teacher in Singapore, most people assume that I'm teaching English as a Foreign Language to Singaporeans at a language school. I have taught English, both in a language school... Continue Reading →

So you’re thinking about teaching internationally…

Teaching isn't often thought as being a profession that is easily portable. People are often surprised that I teach overseas and I get a lot of questions from both educators and non-educators about how a New Zealand teacher ends up teaching in Singapore. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to try and answer the common questions... Continue Reading →

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