Saying goodbye well

As another term comes to an end, international schools often have children moving on. The children took time today to sketch their classmate and I sketched the children sketching the child. Taking time to sketch helps the children form memories and appreciate details. The child leaving gets a special message from all the children in the room... Continue Reading →

The power of the arts…

As school was finishing up today David Bowie's death lit up my various social media. At a time when the Arts is seen as so expendable by educational policymakers, people spent hours sharing songs and reminiscing about the concert went to. Why? Because music matters. Today we shared how music shaped our identity and made... Continue Reading →

Sketchnoting – making read alouds more awesome

"Ohh I have a important idea, should I put it in my bubble catcher?" A bubble catcher is a place for an ideas to grow and form. As the class and I were discussing the novel, Under the Mountain, one of the children had a thought he wanted to remember later. "Yes of course what a... Continue Reading →

Breaking educational moulds – the school production

School productions. Productions are a great way for the school community to come together to sing, dance and share stories. It gives time to the often neglected parts of the school curriculum, performing arts as well as the verbal language aspect of the English curriculum. Kids get to dress up, done costumes and enjoy performing... Continue Reading →

Visual silhouettes – provoking conversation at learning conferences 15/365

Over this week the kids have been working on a visual goal to represent their 'word' for the term. The word was chosen from the IB learner profile or an attitude from the PYP tree. First I asked the kids to think about how they could show this word using only their shadows. I then... Continue Reading →

The art of sketchnoting #adesketchnotes

Confession time. My handwriting is so messy I can barely write my name legibly. Actually messy is an understatement. A drunken chicken making its way across the page is a more accurate description of my penmanship. It's not for want if trying, more a lack of fine motor control and spatial awareness. Unlike many primary... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Shall we dance?

Phew. Just under 4 weeks until production and the scene I'm in charge of is... 1950s rock and roll dancing. I'm one of those clumsy sorts who is forever falling over and dropping things. For that reason my dancing strictly to the gym to limit the chances of doing damage to myself and others. Yet here... Continue Reading →

Using Improv in the Classroom #ade2013

My moment of notoriety at the Apple Institute so it seemed fitting that the first new thing I would implement in the classroom was improv. I had fun during the sessions and decided that most of my kids would enjoy it too so decided to give it a go. We started in pairs with the... Continue Reading →

Incorporating dance into classroom learning

One of the tasks I was assigned last week was to write an internal blog entry on dance resources. We were to choose one and identify how dance could be used to support other areas in the curriculum. In an effort to make my learning visible to others I'm reposting my entry here. Dance resources I... Continue Reading →

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