Is social media making promoting ignorance in educators?

Interesting conversation unfolded on twitter this afternoon. First I felt a sense of relief. After being an early adopter of twitter,  last year I was finding that medium was losing value as a learning tool. The problem? I was following people who weren't adding value to my twitter feed. A simple remedy was to unfollow a... Continue Reading →

10 tweets that add value 5/365

@whatedsaid ponders what types of tweets that don't add value. The beauty of Twitter is that if you find someone isn't adding value to your timeline, you can unfollow them. I've unfollowed some edu rock stars after just a few days yet followed unknown tweeters for years. This medley of educators keeps my timeline alive... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Connections

Learning knows no borders. One of the joys of living in Singapore is that people come to visit. In space of 3 months I have enjoyed more visits here than I did in my entire 4 years in Korea.I would be vain to say that they were coming to visit me. Along with being a... Continue Reading →

Professional Development goes global – Why Twitter for teachers rocks

The days are starting to get shorter and stationary is starting to be bought which depending on your point of view is either the end of the holidays or the start of a new school year. I'm going to go for a glass is half full interpretation and say it's the start of 2013. My... Continue Reading →

10 ways I use my iphone in the classroom

Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m an iphone addict. I use my iphone in conferences, in meetings and *gasp* even in the classroom but I’m not using it to play angry birds. Here’s 10 ways I use my iphone to make my teaching more effective: 1. Video – capturing learning as it happens The... Continue Reading →

How do I get people to visit to my blog? – SEO strategy for newbies

Starting a blog can be exciting. You're brimming with all these fantastic ideas for posts, you are publishing regularly and then you look down out your visitor counter and realize that nobody is reading your work. Ouch. It seems like all those hours you've spent writing your posts and designing your site has gone to... Continue Reading →

Keeping the MAGIC of #ulearn12 going – 5 tips for newbies to twitter

Right another ulearn spent back-channelling. Not that I'm bitter having been at Google Apps conference, the twitter dinner, digital citizenship launch and Teachers Council social media launch it was almost like I was at conference. Oh who am I kidding. I spent my days crying into my coffee that I wasn't having fun with all... Continue Reading →

Proud to be a part of Teachers & Social Media

It's been a long time in the making but Teachers & Social Media has finally been launched. As I alluded to back in February, I was asked by Teachers Council to sit on the reference group for the project.  It's been really interesting to be involved in the development of this resource but what's been the hardest... Continue Reading →

When fear extinguishes innovation – new teachers and social media

Since I started my journey to be a teacher I keep hearing the same words of 'advice' given to student and beginning teachers about social media. Be careful what you do online, university officials are watching and you might get in trouble. Be careful what you do online, principals might be watching and you won't... Continue Reading →

Learning who to follow – operation job search reflection

Since I've spent a few days hanging out at the school I will be teaching at, I thought it would be worthwhile checking in with what I felt an ideal school would be for me at the start of operation job search. High expectations and high trust - Definitely feeling the weight of expectations, but... Continue Reading →

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