Make your parent emails more meaningful with @adobespark

In this age of instant communication, the old paper newsletter that often ended up scrunched up at the bottom of the bag is a relic of the past. Each week I send out a 'warm fuzzy' email where parents learn more about what's going on in class as well as important dates coming up.  As... Continue Reading →


What is your new year question? #oneword2017

Over the last few years, I've committed myself to the same resolution when the calendar changes to January 1. I will go to bed before 11.This is a simple goal and has a noticeable impact on my well-being. Yet here I am mid-January wide awake and typing away on the computer at 11.30 pm. Holidays lull every... Continue Reading →

“Split personality” photos on the iPad

At the moment my class is exploring how humans use clothing to express their ideas and beliefs. To tune into the unit we had a 'free choice' fashion day where the children could choose their own outfit to express their personalities. I did an initial fashion shoot with the children where I encouraged them to... Continue Reading →

Making essential agreements ‘sticky’

Rather than a teacher-made visual of our essential agreement the kids were tasked with coming up with a display. Typorama served as a quick and easy way to produce student-made posters for our room. I love that they serve as visual prompts and ways for students to show their understanding.

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