Weekly Reflection: The power of provocation #ishcmc

This holiday I was annoyed that the PYP workshop I had to attend was at the same time as learning2 conference where one of my favourite thinkers on learning, @sherrattsam was speaking. However this setback turned into a huge learning opportunity by visiting the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) where Sam teaches for a week. My... Continue Reading →

How do you learn if you aren’t a connected educator?

I started teaching in 2003. In a fit of youthful exuberance I decided to embark on an adventure to teach English as a Foreign Language.  I knew nothing about Korea outside of watching MASH re-runs and my teaching experience at the point consisted of some in school observations as part of my education degree. Yet... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Making time for things that really matter

The most valuable resource in schools is not a fancy building or shiny gadgets but teachers' time. It had been a busy week. I was at the GAFE summit the weekend before, my report comments needed a final proof read  and this week had been extra stressful due to a family member being sick back... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Why do we treat behaviour differently from learning?

This week a bit of my time and concentration has been focused on unwise decisions made by my students. I've run the full gamut of emotions; shock, anger, denial and sadness all the time trying to keep my cool. It's funny the way we view behaviour. If a kid makes a mistake when they are... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Inertia

My knowledge of physics ends at barely scraping through a pass in high school. However over the last week I've been thinking a lot about inertia, the principle that every object has to preserve its present state whether in movement or not. The bigger object, the more energy there is needed to get moving. What on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: A new school year

A new school year starts. If finishing a school year in June was weird, beginning one in August is even weirder. A new year brings with it new challenges and opportunities, some expected others not. There is no such thing as the perfect class, just a group of kids you hope leave wiser and happier after spending... Continue Reading →

A lesson in effective communication

Flight delays. Like many small set backs in life the attitude you take determines your experience. In attempt to make hay while the sun shines, I sent out this light-hearted tweet. https://twitter.com/americanair/status/492844739176046592 https://twitter.com/americanair/status/492850204300042240 As this conversation was taking place, Tripit was quickly sending push out notifications of gate changes and delays to the flight to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Culture shock

It has been awhile between posts. I would like to say that I was busy having a fabulous time living the exotic life of an international teacher. In reality, I found myself with a bad case of culture shock. As a veteran of 4 years teaching English in Korea, I am no stranger to culture... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: play to your strengths

"I suppose I make funny jokes," the child mumbles. Instead of ticking off boxes that the mini-exhibition include art and ICT, I'm challenging the kids to think about ways that they can best express their learning. While some of the children know exactly what it is that gets them in a state of flow, many of them... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: killing the love of learning

During the last week I had the privilege of accompanying my class to view the exhibition of the nursery and kindergarten learners. I've always been in awe of the teachers working with the little ones. Their classrooms are engine rooms of learning and creativity yet their expertise is often devalued. There's a general snark, sometimes sadly heard from... Continue Reading →

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