Weekly Reflection: The power of provocation #ishcmc

This holiday I was annoyed that the PYP workshop I had to attend was at the same time as learning2 conference where one of my favourite thinkers on learning, @sherrattsam was speaking. However this setback turned into a huge learning opportunity by visiting the International School of Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) where Sam teaches for a week. My... Continue Reading →

2013 in review – 13 from 13

A bit late for a year in review but with moving countries I've been a tad busy. The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog which I've included below. However I've decided to do my own round up of my favourite posts from each month and my all-time favourite post of... Continue Reading →

An education to which they are best suited?

New Zealand Teachers Council graduating teacher standard 3.c "Graduating teachers have an understanding of education within the bicultural, multicultural, social, political, economic and historical contexts of Aotearoa New Zealand." On my last day of Teaching Experience I listened in on my students as they discussed which high school they were planning to attend. At the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – The post in which I am not going to whine exams

Since this week I was on study leave, I could whine about exams. But seeing as I moaned about that last week I feel I should be blogging about something of more substance. So instead I'll have a go at taking apart this very bad idea from KPMG: Only students doing courses that benefit the... Continue Reading →

Are teachers born or made?

Unlike large parts of the New Zealand population, I don't watch much in the way TV sports (or for that matter TV in general). The best part of the All Blacks game is the Haka, I've never had a real affinity for netball and still don't understand why league and rugby are separate codes. In... Continue Reading →

Are degrees worth the debt?

I still have a student loan. Not a big one, but it's still there.  Prior to embarking on University 2.0, my loan was into the four-figure territory but this round of tuition fees has me back in the five figures again. Thank goodness this time around the loans are interest-free, because without it my loan would still be well... Continue Reading →

Great fictional teachers

One of the classroom exercises I from my first week of classes was to identify a teacher from my real life who left an impression on me. Maybe it's just me (oh man I really hope it's not just me), but some of what inspired me to become a teacher comes straight from fiction. So... Continue Reading →

Teaching – Do it for your country

President Obama's State of the Union speech had a big focus on education including a new policy called 'Race to the Top' replacing the ideology of the No Child Left Behind Act. However I know very little about American education to make any particularly informed comment so instead I leave you with this quote: "To... Continue Reading →

A long road into teaching…

Kia Ora Kotou, As this is my first post on my new blog, I thought I would tell the story of how I ended up training to be a teacher. And the most obvious question that springs to mind is why haven't I got my teaching qualification already? The answer to that question is that... Continue Reading →

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