EDEM 630 E-Portfolio

This is the home page for my ePortfolio for the course EDEM 630 – Change with Digital Technologies in Education and Training that is part of my Masters of Education I am currently undertaking at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

Although I have made a tag for all of my posts that I have published in this course public, this homepage reflects the five artifacts that I feel meet the criteria for the e-portfolio.

Humble beginnings – Case Study draft plan 
This is my draft plan for the case study. I liked the feedback given to me which helped clarify my thinking going into the first assignment.

Learning and growthThe Arena Framework (password protected) &  Revisiting the Arena

These two posts highlight a change in thinking from applying the Arena Framework to my own local context before the first assignment. The second post was in part a reflection of my thinking after completing the second assignment where I wondered about the depth of change.

ReflectionInterview with a School Leader (available only to course leader) (password protected)

Interviewing a school leader was both intriguing and challenging at the same time. The interview certainly gave me a lot to reflect on.

Application –  Quality learning – Focusing the ISTE Standards through the lens of photography

A final item for the e-portfolio was the application of the ISTE standards in the field of classroom photography. I felt this was a good way to finish off the portfolio is grounding change with digital technology into classroom practice.

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