Using visible thinking to inform reporting

Phew. Another round of reports over and done with. One of the easiest parts of the reports to write this session was our unit of inquiry. In the past I'd be pouring over rubrics, student work and tearing my brain for memories of classroom conversations. This year I used the data the children had gathered... Continue Reading →

At a conference

Because at this time of year doing a conference workshop seemed like a good idea at the time...

What makes the end of the year so challenging?

Every year I think to myself, I'm not going to get caught feeling tired and stressed at the end of the year. I start reports early, finish off assessment as quickly as possible. Yet somehow still feel myself running on empty with just over three weeks to go. Then I figured it out. No matter... Continue Reading →

I used to think, Now I think, I didn’t think of…

Project Zero Classroom continues to push my practice almost 11 months after the event. This year I've been exploring how the use of screencasting might amplify the use of these routines in class. What has been particularly interesting isn't that the children follow them - it's when they start to adapt them for their own purposes.... Continue Reading →

Stop selling boys short on reading

@eduwells recently published a list of cultivating boys interest in reading. Short, funny, non-fiction.  Yes books can be short and funny. Non-fiction facts are interesting.  He is right - my boys love those reads. But why should we assume that boys have no interest in long, scary, sad, exciting, infuriating, desperate, exhilarating  reads? The power of... Continue Reading →

Links to be reading

The Unhealthy Truth Behind 'Wellness' and 'Clean Eating' - pass me another piece of cake. Grab your tissues - parenting after the death of a child. On Women's representation in the media. Related - there's no business case for all-white casts.  How babies fit into wombs - babies are weird. A meditation teacher’s 5 tips for breaking... Continue Reading →

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