Some days your best isn’t good enough

Some days everything just clicks into place. You fly through the day each action building on the other making a hard job seem easy. Other days you find yourself giving more than you thought you had in you and it still isn't enough. Yet there is always the prospect of tomorrow. A chance to start afresh but wiser from... Continue Reading →

Why do teachers rarely take sick days?

Last week I published a slightly tongue in cheek post about teacher sickness. Teachers so very rarely take days off and then spend the holidays recuperating from our aversion to calling in for cover. My inspiration for the post was the cold I was vainly trying to fight off. I've been sick since then and it wasn't until today... Continue Reading →

5 of the best – Feburary

Another busy month. These posts represent the ones that I think show my best thinking of the month in chronological order. What stops us from leaving our ‘bubble?’ Why are there so few women in ed tech? #28daysofwriting A death in the family – hard classroom conversations From Mosgiel to Mumbai – Twitter tours make... Continue Reading →

A great way to spend a month – #28daysofwriting

This is the end of my second month of daily publishing. I've now published more posts this year than I did in the entire of 2014 and have almost as many comments. The highlight of this month has been seeing a whole bunch of bloggers come out of hibernation for Tom Barrett's #28daysofwriting challenge. Seeing... Continue Reading →

Read aloud favourite – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

There is always a risk during an incredible class read aloud like Wonder that the follow up book will not nearly be as good. That the children won't bond with the characters and will not be as excited to hear about the story. Last year I read Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper with the... Continue Reading →

Restoring relationships through restorative practices

One of the challenging aspects of working in an international school is navigating cross-cultural differences between children. A harmless playground game can quickly escalate into a major incident when children are not aware of the ramifications of their actions. One such incident occurred last week in class when fooling for one group of children was... Continue Reading →

A death in the family – hard classroom conversations

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln Every day I try to bring the world to my classroom. I am passionate about technology in the classroom is to make break down that artificial wall between school and the 'real world.' When I... Continue Reading →

Why are there so few women in ed tech? #28daysofwriting

I am elementary school teacher. One the things you quickly notice as you wander around an elementary school is that the vast majority of the teaching staff are women. I am also an edu tech geek. One of the things you quickly notice when you go to educational technology events is that the majority of speakers and a huge... Continue Reading →

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept… #28daysofwriting

I was outside waiting for my bus today when a group of students arrived. I was in my exercise gear the kids didn't notice me. As time drifted on, a few of the student were starting to drift from what I would expect from. It was nothing major and I was running late. My bus was... Continue Reading →

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