5 posts that spoke the loudest in June

There but for the grace… #sabahquake Why do schools make kids switch classes at the end of year? 5 things we need to stop pretending #MakeSchoolDifferent I didn’t have my ‘own class’ this past year – thoughts on team teaching Are e-portfolios past their educational used by date?

Daily blogging challenge – Over the hump

Did I mention that I am now 6 months into my daily blogging challenge? That's 182 posts published. I'll be the first to admit that not all of the posts (including this one) are of stellar quality. Also wow is it hard to write content during a 7 week break from teaching. Nevertheless I pat... Continue Reading →

One third of the way through my blogging quest…

It's now May and I'm a little late in posting my self- congratulations of posting daily updates for the fourth month through my blogging question. I'm not heading into the last stretch of this school year. I'm still getting my head around the northern hemisphere school year. It still seems weird to be in the... Continue Reading →

One quarter of the way through my daily blogging quest 

Wow so that's Match out of the way. Two weeks of holidays, sickness and migraines and I'm still here typing away.This month saw a drop off in fellow bloggers and the Feburary 28 days of blogging challenge.I didn't make many comments and I'm still not linking much to others writing.On the plus side I'm still... Continue Reading →

Irrational fears, trust and control 

"Aren't you nervous to be flying Malaysia Airlines?"No more than usual...Cheap flights to Japan made the choice a no-brainer for March holidays but truth be told I am a nervous flyer. Statistically flying is incredibly safe form of transportation. Far safer than cars and definitely a lot safer than hanging on the back of motos without... Continue Reading →

Another term over…

The word for this term.Messy.Lots going on. Plenty of distractions and disruptions but also good learning.When I think I'm 3/4 of the way through the year with this particular class things get more real. 10 weeks of learning.Rather than be in countdown mode panic sets in.I want to make each and every day count. 

5 of the best – Feburary

Another busy month. These posts represent the ones that I think show my best thinking of the month in chronological order. What stops us from leaving our ‘bubble?’ Why are there so few women in ed tech? #28daysofwriting A death in the family – hard classroom conversations From Mosgiel to Mumbai – Twitter tours make... Continue Reading →

Chinese New Year in Singapore – Yusheng or prosperity toss

One of the joys of being part of the international school community is taking part in new traditions. Alongside the lion and dragon dances, there is Yusheng or prosperity toss. You can buy ready made packs of ingredients at the local supermarket. The most important ingredient is the raw fish which symoolizes prosperity for the... Continue Reading →

A death in the family – hard classroom conversations

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln Every day I try to bring the world to my classroom. I am passionate about technology in the classroom is to make break down that artificial wall between school and the 'real world.' When I... Continue Reading →

What stops us from leaving our ‘bubble?’

As I reflected on the spectacular photography trip last week, I realised how little I've taken the opportunity to venture outside the bubble of my classroom with the children in my class. Why is that? A lack of confidence - I was petrified about organising a field trip on my own and having it go badly.... Continue Reading →

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