What stops us from leaving our ‘bubble?’

As I reflected on the spectacular photography trip last week, I realised how little I've taken the opportunity to venture outside the bubble of my classroom with the children in my class. Why is that? A lack of confidence - I was petrified about organising a field trip on my own and having it go badly.... Continue Reading →

One month of daily publishing – not as hard as I thought 31/365

Phew. A daily publishing challenge. At this point I've published almost as much content this year than I did in the entire of 2014 where I aimed for weekly posting. This daily publishing has been a lot easier than I thought it would be. What I've noticed about my writing over the last month: It is more... Continue Reading →

Taking inspiration to timelapse our cafeteria 30/365

Our how we express ourselves unit has given my class some powerful inspirations to create their own art. Louie Schwartzberg's Ted Talk about nature and gratitude, had the children not only exploring hidden beauty around the school. The children were fascinated with timelapse but the time to capture anything was rather short. I challenged the class to think of... Continue Reading →

We make a choice to be there everyday 28/365

A late finish yesterday, an early morning meeting today and not much sleep the night before. The day after a big school event always leaves me drained and this particular morning seemed drag on. The kids weren't focused and transitions seemed to be taking forever.  From my perspective morning tea couldn't come soon enough. Realised it... Continue Reading →

Learning conferences 27/365

Learning conferences. This is the first time my school has had learning conferences where the children have been present. Having experienced both the traditional parent/teacher and learner-led conferences, I much prefer the ones where the children are there talking about their learning. Highlights: The ones where the kids talked confidently with their parents, where they... Continue Reading →

Back to school is different in International schools 12/365

You'll be welcoming several new students to your class While you and 2/3s of the kids are jet-lagged You spend time practising  the names of new students so you don't mispronounce them... But inevitably you do... Your wallet has several different currencies But none of them are legal tender in the cafeteria... You'll push you're carry on luggage to... Continue Reading →

Being there is everything 10/365

After a frenetic three weeks visiting my family I am again airborne. There is a harried activity that comes with returning home from an extended period abroad - visiting old haunts and renewing relationships. The joy of touching down is quickly eclipsed by the awful realization that there is not enough time to do all... Continue Reading →

“You enjoy teaching?” 9/365

My class and I were talking about things we are appreciative in our lives. The first thing I mentioned was my job. "You actually enjoy teaching?" one of my students gasped. "Of course I do, why do you seem so surprised?" I wondered. "It's just most adults don't like their jobs." Another shrugged. I wanted... Continue Reading →

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