The best app to use in the classroom? The camera

When other teachers find out I'm Apple Distinguished Educator, I'm often asked if I've got a killer reading, spelling, writing, maths app recommendations. There's almost a sense of a let down when I say the app that my students and I use most in my classroom is the camera. Yet when in the course of... Continue Reading →

300,000 hits – a good time for a celebration

Over the weekend I passed a statistical milestone - 300,000 views. While this little corner of the internet is just a small blip, even within educational circles, I do enjoy sharing what I've been up to in the classroom and in life. Thanks for all those who read, share and especially people who have taken... Continue Reading →

Some days your best isn’t good enough

Some days everything just clicks into place. You fly through the day each action building on the other making a hard job seem easy. Other days you find yourself giving more than you thought you had in you and it still isn't enough. Yet there is always the prospect of tomorrow. A chance to start afresh but wiser from... Continue Reading →

Why is so little teacher professional learning classroom based?

Last week Kath Murdoch tweeted out something that got me thinking. Why is so little teacher professional learning classroom based? I met Kath in a seminar room. Kath was brilliant and her workshops were illustrated with examples of her teaching. Nevertheless I still walked away thinking to myself. I really would have liked to... Continue Reading →

Read aloud favourite – The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

There is always a risk during an incredible class read aloud like Wonder that the follow up book will not nearly be as good. That the children won't bond with the characters and will not be as excited to hear about the story. Last year I read Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper with the... Continue Reading →

A death in the family – hard classroom conversations

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. – Abraham Lincoln Every day I try to bring the world to my classroom. I am passionate about technology in the classroom is to make break down that artificial wall between school and the 'real world.' When I... Continue Reading →

Taking inspiration to timelapse our cafeteria 30/365

Our how we express ourselves unit has given my class some powerful inspirations to create their own art. Louie Schwartzberg's Ted Talk about nature and gratitude, had the children not only exploring hidden beauty around the school. The children were fascinated with timelapse but the time to capture anything was rather short. I challenged the class to think of... Continue Reading →

We make a choice to be there everyday 28/365

A late finish yesterday, an early morning meeting today and not much sleep the night before. The day after a big school event always leaves me drained and this particular morning seemed drag on. The kids weren't focused and transitions seemed to be taking forever.  From my perspective morning tea couldn't come soon enough. Realised it... Continue Reading →

Back to school is different in International schools 12/365

You'll be welcoming several new students to your class While you and 2/3s of the kids are jet-lagged You spend time practising  the names of new students so you don't mispronounce them... But inevitably you do... Your wallet has several different currencies But none of them are legal tender in the cafeteria... You'll push you're carry on luggage to... Continue Reading →

10 tweets that add value 5/365

@whatedsaid ponders what types of tweets that don't add value. The beauty of Twitter is that if you find someone isn't adding value to your timeline, you can unfollow them. I've unfollowed some edu rock stars after just a few days yet followed unknown tweeters for years. This medley of educators keeps my timeline alive... Continue Reading →

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