Rethinking student councils

When schools are asked how they include students in decision making, they often point to student council as an example of students having voice and choice in the running of a school. This mirrors what happens out in the 'real world' we vote for representatives and then entrust them to lead and make decisions on... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you need to throw out the ‘timetable’

Monday was one of those funny days. Team photos had large chunks of my class of the day and the pressing issue of the earthquake in Nepal. Rather than fight against the energy of the day, the kids researched about Nepal and then made a video encourage other children to take action. Sometimes the best... Continue Reading →

#gafesummit – Moving from talk to action redux

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 2 years since I last attended a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) summit. Life has changed a lot since then. When I left the last GAFE I came away with a lot of plans and a zeal to share my plans with anyone who would listen and many... Continue Reading →

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