Weekly Reflection: More than the sum of their academic parts

I have students. 29 of them to be exact. When people talk about raising class sizes as if just a couple of kids won't make much more of a difference I wonder if they have ever actually experienced what is like to  mark and analyse the results of 29 students.  Don't get me wrong I'm the sort... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Using assessment for learning…

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 5.c "Graduating teachers know how to communicate assessment information appropriately to learners, their parents/caregivers and staff." This week was my first week of real teaching. The week flew by and I have a lot to post on and not much time to write so I thought I would that I... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Assessed

The theme for this week's reflection is assessed. I choose this theme because my assignment from Week 2 was returned and also because I sat my final exam for this course (1 unit of learning down 7 to go :)). While I did well in the assignment, the exam was a bit of a nightmare.... Continue Reading →

Facing exams without fear?

I don't do well in exams. In fact during my first time at university I tried to take papers that had large components of internal assessment in them. Unfortunately I am not able to my practice my usual exam strategy of avoidance for this course. So I looked through a leaflet on exam tips to find someone had... Continue Reading →


Graduating Teacher Standard 2.b "Graduating teachers have knowledge of a range of relevant theories, principles and purposes of assessment and evaluation." In the last week or so newsmedia sites were awash with stories that a prominent Auckland boys' secondary school has directed its year 11 students to sit for the University of Cambridge's international exams... Continue Reading →

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