5 of the best January 2015 32/365

Over the month of January I published a post everyday. My favourites are the ones that aren't my most popular but I like them for thinking the thinking behind them. 10 tweets that add value 5/365 When books tell their own story 7/365 Being there is everything 10/365 Teachers enough of these social media lessons 19/365 Refreshing Restorative... Continue Reading →

“You enjoy teaching?” 9/365

My class and I were talking about things we are appreciative in our lives. The first thing I mentioned was my job. "You actually enjoy teaching?" one of my students gasped. "Of course I do, why do you seem so surprised?" I wondered. "It's just most adults don't like their jobs." Another shrugged. I wanted... Continue Reading →

When books tell their own story 7/365

An old children's picture book sits on the kitchen counter. Over the next few hours my brother, sister and I all comment on how much we loved this book when we were children. The colourful pictures and the story of dragon who loses his gold but gets a surprise birthday party from the children in... Continue Reading →

A phone is no longer a phone 6/365

My parents' phone rings. I ask my 3 year old nephew if he wants to talk to grandad. After a few seconds, he looks at the phone confused. "But grandad I can't see you..." He can hear a voice but where is the face? This device makes no sense, just buttons to push randomly. My... Continue Reading →

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