500 posts – Blogging isn’t dead but it does take take work

Another blogging milestone hits - 500 posts on this blog. Year Page views Posts Comments 2011 31666 175 655 2012 57806 93 412 2013 88423 61 197 2014 92806 38 96 2015 43796 140 172 As I look back, I can't help but look forward. We live in a world where so much of what... Continue Reading →

Has twitter killed the art of blog commenting?

As a blogger there's nothing I love blog comments. Short comments saying 'right on,' ¬†long rambly comments tearing apart my¬†arguments, thoughtful comments, comments with links, comments from friends, comments from people I've never met. The comments section is what makes blogging so addictive. Through commenting I've struck up friendships and often use the comment section... Continue Reading →

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