After #28daysofwriting how about #31daysofcommenting ?

My challenge to write a blog post a day over the next year was in response to a problem. I was not longer creating content, merely consuming it. I think part of the reason I backed away from blogging in the last few years is that the number of comments I received have  say hi, "I'm reading... Continue Reading →

5 of the best January 2015 32/365

Over the month of January I published a post everyday. My favourites are the ones that aren't my most popular but I like them for thinking the thinking behind them. 10 tweets that add value 5/365 When books tell their own story 7/365 Being there is everything 10/365 Teachers enough of these social media lessons 19/365 Refreshing Restorative... Continue Reading →

4 Years of @traintheteacher 20/365

WordPress sent me a notification congratulating me on 4 years of this blog being operational. This is no small achievement for me but really I need little excuse to show off one my other passions, making cake. Anniversaries are always an opportune time to look for growth and learning. When I look back at my... Continue Reading →

2014 in review 14 posts from 2014 3/365 #blogaday

WordPress puts together an annual report for its user. According to the report: I published 38 posts (half of the previous year) There were 93,000 page views March 3rd was my busiest day with 1,096 views Sunday was my most popular day to post Facebook and Twitter were the main sources of traffic Most visitors... Continue Reading →

10 things I learned from 10 years of blogging

Today marks 10 years since I published my first blogpost. I would link to it but reading through some of my old posts all I can think was wow was I obnoxious 10 years ago. I suppose that's the case when you are fresh out of university and haven't really experienced life but like to think you have.... Continue Reading →

2013 in review – 13 from 13

A bit late for a year in review but with moving countries I've been a tad busy. The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog which I've included below. However I've decided to do my own round up of my favourite posts from each month and my all-time favourite post of... Continue Reading →

Thanks to all those who made the path to Teacher Registration more awesome

Last week I passed a significant milestone in my teaching career, I became a fully registered teacher. In New Zealand Newly Qualified Teachers go through a two year-induction and mentoring process. At the start of the process I decided that I wasn't going to keep a PRT folder in the traditional sense.  Out went the dull meeting... Continue Reading →

October Byte counting – blog stats

Huge month for traffic on the blog this month - the biggest ever. I wrote a bit more this month but am still struggling to find time to write content. Hopefully this will get better in the future (yes I know I've said that a lot this year). Interestingly I'm starting to get a lot... Continue Reading →

How do I get people to visit to my blog? – SEO strategy for newbies

Starting a blog can be exciting. You're brimming with all these fantastic ideas for posts, you are publishing regularly and then you look down out your visitor counter and realize that nobody is reading your work. Ouch. It seems like all those hours you've spent writing your posts and designing your site has gone to... Continue Reading →

Should teachers censor student blogs? – When digital citizenship gets tough

Connected educators often become a bit lyrical when we talk about how wonderful it is for our students to have an audience far beyond the  walls of our classroom. As blogging teacher there is noting more exciting than seeing a parent leave a comment or have my students work linked to approvingly. But what happens when a... Continue Reading →

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