Why are we still teaching *that?*

Why are still teaching that? A few weeks before the end of I had a conversation with a colleague about thermometers. I had been to the doctor the previous day, and remarked that the nurse was using a digital thermometer to measure my temperature. Yet my colleague was getting reading to teach.. yep you guessed it,... Continue Reading →

A phone is no longer a phone 6/365

My parents' phone rings. I ask my 3 year old nephew if he wants to talk to grandad. After a few seconds, he looks at the phone confused. "But grandad I can't see you..." He can hear a voice but where is the face? This device makes no sense, just buttons to push randomly. My... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: A new principal

I never sleep well the night before the start of a new term. There's lots ticking over in my mind. how will the new classroom set up go (answer, a few remarks about more space and then business as usual) suddenly remembering a job on your to do list, a wake up jolt from an... Continue Reading →

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