6 ways to make ‘no hands up’ work

My school has a policy of 'no hands up.' Put simply a teacher doesn't ask a question to the class and then pick a student from the several that have their hands up. It's hard habit for both teachers and students to break. The kids have been taught if they want to speak in school,... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: The junior juggling act

Before I went out on Teaching Experience, I had a couple of people mention that year 1/2 teachers have it easy because all the kids are learning at this age group is their 123s and their ABCs with some finger painting thrown in for fun. I'm convinced that anyone who thinks this must never have... Continue Reading →

Classroom management techniques – Part 2

If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you read Classroom Management techniques Part 1. 7. A musical device One of the teachers at my school has a small old-school bike horn which she plays when she wants the class's attention. She uses it at the end of the countdown, but it could be used without.... Continue Reading →

Classroom management techniques – Part 1

For student teachers perhaps the biggest challenge of being in a classroom is finding ways to manage student behaviour. Teachers yelling 'quiet' every five minutes isn't a particularly effective form of discipline. The kids don't like being shouted at and you'll end up with a sore throat by the end of the day. So what... Continue Reading →

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