Neat erosion experiment

As part of our current Unit of Inquiry into how the world works my class is looking at soil erosion. I love experiments like this that happen over a long period of time as each day the first thing the kids do when they come to class is take a look for changes. You'll need... Continue Reading →

Sketchnoting – making read alouds more awesome

"Ohh I have a important idea, should I put it in my bubble catcher?" A bubble catcher is a place for an ideas to grow and form. As the class and I were discussing the novel, Under the Mountain, one of the children had a thought he wanted to remember later. "Yes of course what a... Continue Reading →

You don’t get anything unless you ask for it…

My class is in the final stages of preparation for a mini-exhibition. As part of the exhibition the children will be sending a selection of photos down to New Zealand. I asked the class if it would be ok if we have a representative from the New Zealand community to come to the exhibition and... Continue Reading →

Taking the text out of assessment for learning – Inforubrics

Formative assessment is a tricky beast. Rubrics are way to get the children reflecting and showing growth on their learning. However they are often text heavy and written in teacher speak. This makes it hard for children to identify learning priorities and document how they have shifted in their learning. Enter the inforubric. A set of simple concepts... Continue Reading →

How ditching the desks turned my classroom into a 21st century learning space

I spent a great deal of last year enamoured with the idea of modern learning environments. One of my placements was at a school which had a large awhina area (an indoor court-yard) shared by 4 classes as a break-out space. It was fantastic to have a space for the syndicate (group of 3-4 classes)... Continue Reading →

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