#coetailsketch – an idea to work on #coetail

via IFTTT At the start of Course 3 I proposed the idea of #coetailsketch. The idea being that COETAILers could have a go at putting into images their thinking and sharing those images. I love using Paper53 as a great app. Over the years the App has become a lot more shareable with its only community... Continue Reading →

Teaching design principles to 8 year olds #coetail

via IFTTT Teaching graphic design to 8 year olds is challenging. However CARP gives the kids language to start identifying good design and there are plenty of points for teachable moments. I’ve had both Jocelyn and Angela ask me how I teach CARP in the classroom. So here’s a quick summation. It tends to be quick 15 minute... Continue Reading →

Why are resumes still used to hire teachers? #coetail

via IFTTT Our last COETAIL project for course 3 was to redesign a presentation or our resume to make it more aesthetically pleasing infographic. However as a follow up to my Your applicants are googling you I’m going to go out on a limb and ask a question in response Brian Lockwoods comment – why are resumes used to hire teachers?  Having never... Continue Reading →

Cross Post: Visualising Data – it doesn’t need to be difficult #coetail

via IFTTT This week’s COETAIL assignment (well technically last week but I was busy) had us looking at infographics. While I think the viewing and creating of data is important, I’m sure I’m not the only elementary teacher out there thinking – oh great alongside being a photographer, videographer and blogger I need to be a... Continue Reading →

Cross Post: Digital story telling – #coetail

via IFTTT My immediate reaction on this week’s topic of digital story telling: (Image via purestillness tumblr) According to the Educause Learning Initiative digital storytelling is “the practice of combining narrative with digital content, including images, sound, and video to create a short movie, typically with a strong emotional component.” (Image by gifwave) And then I realised... Continue Reading →

Cross Post: Embedding Visual Design into Literacy #coetail

via IFTTT I first came across CARP design principles at the Apple Distinguished Educators Institute in Bali back in 2013. The principles made a lot of sense and I quickly applied them to my own presentations. As my friend Keri-Lee Beasley often mentions in both in her book Design Secrets Revealed and in person,  its... Continue Reading →

Cross Post: Re-thinking Rubric Design #coetail

via IFTTT Over the last few months I’ve been exploring how visuals could be used as a tool for learning particularly in student assessment. A lot of teacher time and effort goes into creating rubrics. Here’s an example of something I was using this time last year. There’s some colour that connects to the traffic-light rubric we’ve been... Continue Reading →

Cross Post: #coetailsketch #coetail

via IFTTT What I’ve been thinking about this week: from Teaching the Teacher http://ift.tt/1ghx9TA

Cross Post: #coetailsketch – another humble proposal #coetail

via IFTTT Phew! Is this the 3rd course of Coetail? My cohort and I are no longer the newbies. After the phenomenal success of #coetailcon, I thought about how we could keep the principles of short, succinct ideas going into the next course. Because Course 3 has a visual topic, I was inspired by the ‘pedagogical geek’ @GeoMouldey to... Continue Reading →

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