And you still want to ban social media from schools?

Love this clip from the folks at Socialnomics. Key quote for me: "US department of Education found online students out performed those receiving Face to Face instruction." That has implications for educators regardless of the age of the students and is another reason why we need to stop talking about e-learning and just call it... Continue Reading →

Why I’m done talking about e-learning and you should be too

Right now that I've got your attention hear me out. I can assure I will still be blogging, tweeting and generally living my life through a browser. However while reflecting on my e-learning philosophies and practice for a job application I suddenly had a thought, why don't we just call it learning? I've been using the internet to learn... Continue Reading →

Why I made my learning visible (aka why I write this blog)

As far as I am aware, this blog is the only one of its kind on the internet one written from the perspective of a student teacher in a New Zealand Teacher education programme. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of students studying to be teachers up and down New Zealand. What's more I don't get any... Continue Reading →

Something to teach, something to learn: why #educampakl rocked!

I've gone to a few conferences in my time and have noticed that often the best learning takes place in the bar afterwards. Enter Educampakl. Based on the Barcamp conference, Educamps are conferences in which the participants generate the content for the day. I find it amazing that teachers will give up a Saturday to... Continue Reading →

Dear Teacher Education Providers – Can you enter the 21st century please?

New Zealand graduating teacher standard 4.d "Graduating teachers demonstrate proficiency in oral and written language (Māori and/or English), in numeracy and in ICT relevant to their professional role." Dear Teacher Education providers Yesterday I received my pack for Teaching Experience 2 containing a wonderful array of informational booklets, multi-coloured forms for myself, my associate teacher... Continue Reading →

Building a PLN through twitter – student teachers

Right batter up for PLN Challenge #3 Build your PLN through twitter written by the friendly and always helpful Kathleen Morris. To recap, a PLN or Personal Learning Network (because educators love our acronyms) has been around forever. In the past they tended to be the friends, family or colleagues you were to for help and... Continue Reading →

What is it I learn from my PLN?

Having inadvertently completed the first educ blog challenge, What the heck is a PLN? with my Twitter will change  you life post, I thought I would take part in the second PLN Challenge, what is is it I want to learn from my PLN? 1. What do you hope to learn more about with respect to... Continue Reading →

Twitter will change your life – why (student) teachers need to tweet

I tweet therefore I am. Despite being glued to my keyboard from the day my family went online back in 1997 it took me until this year to really get the point of twitter. Facebook was easy. All these names and faces from the past could easily be reconnected with by checking friends of friends.... Continue Reading →

Taking exam risks – AKA as putting my money where my mouth is

Graduating Standard 2.d "Graduating teachers know how to select curriculum content appropriate to the learners and the learning context." With my English exam upon me I have decided to take a risk. One of the things I know that is coming up in the exam is that I will need to design a series of... Continue Reading →

Guidelines for student teacher bloggers

New Zealand Graduating Standard 7.b Graduating Teachers have knowledge and understanding of the ethical, professional and legal responsibilities of teachers. A few weeks ago I wondered out loud whether Should student teachers blog. I decided that despite the risks, blogging is a great tool for student teachers. I was going to come up with a... Continue Reading →

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