Google a day challenges – Maps historical street view enables kids to go back in time

Google a Day challenges are a great way to provoke student curiosity and develop information literacy. The number of features that google is developing ensures that there is always something new to learn. This week I took the kids back in time. They had to find a building that no longer exists. From the slide... Continue Reading →

Google Challenges – Information literacy old and new @GoogleForEdu

Fast paced and frustrating. A Google a Day challenge is a class favourite. I've conducted the challenges with big Year 7/8 kids down to Year 4. Google has a large selection of challenges available for teachers to use. The challenges include a few sentences that have some clues that the kids can use to search to help... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: #GAFEsummit Moving from talk to action

Another holiday, another trip up to Auckland to attend a conference. This time around it was Google Apps For Education (GAFE). Conferences have a two-fold purpose for me. The first is obviously to hear new ideas but the more important one is to renew links with all the teachers I interact with on a regular... Continue Reading →

Why #wordpress is better than blogspot

AKA as the post in which I kill any chance of ever becoming a Google Certified Teacher. Let me preface my rant by saying that Google does an awesome job at some things.  I've used google as a search engine since 1999, gmail since 2005, I think chrome is the best browser at the moment... Continue Reading →

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