Home learning – now in video response

I'm not a huge fan of homework. It takes away from time children could be spending with their friends and families as well as time to get bored. However, I'm required to set it. So rather than give the children a 'task' to do every week, there's a simple statement which the children will then... Continue Reading →

A holiday homework challenge – getting on the flight deck

When I was my students age, my once a year treat was to fly between Wellington and Auckland by myself. Travel as unaccompanied minor was always a great adventure. I felt so independent making a journey on a plane without my family. Alongside the highly coveted role of handing out the pre-landing lollies, a highlight... Continue Reading →

Learning logs – the journey continues

The 'big idea' of our unit - human exploration results in new discoveries - it's been fantastic to see how children use this idea in their home learning. This child made a lot of interesting connections between her apartment and the 'learning statement..' by looking and observing her home and then researching. She thought that her... Continue Reading →

How often do we feed passions in schools?

The first week of school holidays has been spent meandering through Paris. A lot of people come for the architecture and the shopping. Me? I came for the food. Alongside the consumption of food, I do love to cook. One of my favourite things to do in a new country is a cooking class. Often... Continue Reading →

Home work – learning logs follow up

As a follow up to the last post on home learning. This week I had some amazing responses from the children to the idea of fairness. This child has used a simple comparison between his perspective and his mother's perspective. I love how the child is learning from his mother and that the learning conversations are continuing... Continue Reading →

Home learning – less is more 24/365

Disclaimer - I totally stole my home learning template from @sherrattsam and Chad I highly recommend their blog Time Space Education Rather than give the children preset tasks my English and a unit of Inquiry home learning consists of a simple provocation and a blank sheet of paper. From there the children are expected to... Continue Reading →

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