Using home learning to inform learning

Learning logs continue to be a success in class.After going through the home learning with the class, I had the kids think about next learning steps.The children quickly identified that they didn't really have much experience of being disadvantaged.I then suggested they might get in touch with a friend of mine working in development. In order... Continue Reading →

Home work – learning logs follow up

As a follow up to the last post on home learning. This week I had some amazing responses from the children to the idea of fairness. This child has used a simple comparison between his perspective and his mother's perspective. I love how the child is learning from his mother and that the learning conversations are continuing... Continue Reading →

Homework, love it or loathe it?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 6.a "Graduating teachers  recognise how differing values and beliefs may impact on learners and their learning." Last week there were a lot of tweets in my feed on a New York Times article on plans by schools to scale back homework demands on their students. The idea of moving away... Continue Reading →

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