Book Review: The Power of Inquiry

Teaching through inquiry is like handling a slippery fish. Just when you think you have got a grasp on it, the fish is flailing on the floor. Inquiry seems so simple. It starts by asking really good questions. What is inquiry learning?  What isn't inquiry learning? What does inquiry learning look like? Which leads to the slipperiest question of all:... Continue Reading →

Using time and space: visualising Singapore’s history through iPads

Our opening unit of the inquiry for the year is 'human exploration results in new discoveries' with a particular focus on Singapore and the different waves of migration that have shaped the country's history. There are two aspects to this unit that the children would likely find challenging. Firstly that waves of people from different... Continue Reading →

Provocation – Setting the scene for Inquiry

Provocation is a powerful item in the inquiry learning tool box. It sparks confusion, a strong reaction and above all curiosity.  One of the strongest take aways from spending time at the International School Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC) was how a strong provocation not only gets kids interested in the concepts but seeing themselves as practitioners in the academic discipline to... Continue Reading →

Consistency – I don’t think that word means what you think it means

Language is a powerful tool in education. It can be used to open new ideas and concepts but it can also be used to shut people out of conversations. One of the words that I often find myself hearing in conversation is consistency. We want the children in our schools to exercise consistent behaviour and receive consistent standard of education. “Students... Continue Reading →

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