So you’re thinking about teaching internationally…

Teaching isn't often thought as being a profession that is easily portable. People are often surprised that I teach overseas and I get a lot of questions from both educators and non-educators about how a New Zealand teacher ends up teaching in Singapore. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to try and answer the common questions... Continue Reading →

You can’t change the world in 6 weeks – Thoughts on sharing the planet 

Of all the transdisciplinary themes in the PYP Sharing the Planet is the one that brings up a lot of ethical concerns for me as a teacher. This is particularly the case in my context where I teach at an international school in highly developed Singapore. The kids and I live in a bubble of... Continue Reading →

Read alouds in Mother tounges 

With book week at my school, my classroom assistant suggested that she read a book to the kids in Hindi. As a follow up my polyglot class are jumping to bring in favorites from their own languages.The benefits of this have been huge:Monolingual students get to experience being a situation where they don't understand the... Continue Reading →

New Year, New School, New Country

2014 brings with it changes and challenges. I will be teaching a different age group in a different school in a different country. Being ready to move on doesn't make new beginnings any easier. There are names to be learned. A new classroom environment to set up. Policies and procedures to be digested. A new... Continue Reading →

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