What is an international school?

One of the inevitable¬†questions you get asked when you are travelling for an extended period is, "What do you do?" When I answer I'm an international school teacher in Singapore, most people assume that I'm teaching English as a Foreign Language to Singaporeans at a language school.¬†I have taught English, both in a language school... Continue Reading →

Why do schools make kids switch classes at the end of year?

Alongside the excitement of scampering off on holidays, I often feel a twinge of sadness at the end of the year as I bid farewell to my class. Each class I've taught has its own personality and idiosyncrasies. Even though I've had a large number of kids come and go during the year, there were... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – new traditions

One of the joys of working in an international school is that you get to celebrate occasions that aren't as widely celebrated in your home country. Lunar new year - otherwise known as Chinese New Year - is becoming a larger celebration every year in New Zealand due to an increase in immigration from Asia... Continue Reading →

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