The unbearable lightness of making an OTJ on National Standards

Time of year where we are sending home statements about what our students learning goals for the year are. As these are reports going home, they must include a statement about National Standards and be in plain English. Personally I prefer my English in pink and purple polka dots but I digress. I've had a number... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: My first RTC reflection

Strictly speaking this isn't my first post that demonstrates competency in one of the  New Zealand Registered Teacher Criteria. However since I've finally got my project under way, let's get this RTC party started. New Zealand Registered Teacher Criteria 1.i Registered teachers engage in ethical, respectful, positive and collaborative professional relationships with whānau and other carers... Continue Reading →

Dr. Strangeblog or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the RTC

Despite my somewhat irreverent post title induction into the teaching profession in New Zealand is serious business. Beginning Teachers are granted provisional registration when they start their teaching career and spend at least two years being supervised by an assigned mentor before they can apply for full registration. In order to gain full registration Beginning Teachers are required... Continue Reading →

What they don’t tell you about your first day of teaching

I consider it a glaring omission of my Teacher Education that nobody mentioned the importance of a neck chain for your classroom keys. Having never been the guardian of a classroom of learners has also meant that I have never been in the possession of a set of classroom keys. In the absence of any students at... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: The new school year

This week marks the beginning of the school year in New Zealand. Along with new students there will also be new teachers who will start teaching 'for real.' I'm sure that most of the teachers are feeling a bit like me. Wildly oscillating between "woohoo the kids are arriving next week I can't wait to start trying... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: The First Post

Welcome back dear readers and happy 2012! I am now in possession of keys to a classroom I'm responsible for. But right now there are no students only a couple of teachers oh and me. Hang on. I'm one of these teacher people now too. A school without students is a very surreal place. Possibly because... Continue Reading →

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