To the principals: keep having those ‘hard’ conversations

As the academic year gets under way we're at the point where professional work plans and goals are being set for the year ahead. This means a meeting with a professional leader where you lay out your learning for the year. Laying out your strengths and weaknesses isn't a fun process. It often involved hearing things... Continue Reading →

That time I forgot my lesson observation…

Lesson observations. The very thought of them often elicits, headaches, nausea and  stabbing feeling on the right side of the forehead. Perhaps I exaggerate. But no matter how long you've been teaching, having your principal or a power that be come in with a clipboard to see what you've doing is sure to get the pulse racing.... Continue Reading →

Why students should be involved in Professional Learning for Teachers

One of the highlights of last week's Project Zero Classroom was an attending an Out of Eden presentation where the students were co-presenters. I've been to a couple of conferences where students have been involved in the conference. Sometimes they are there as helpers, others they are there as co-presenters. While helping out with admin... Continue Reading →

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