To the principals: keep having those ‘hard’ conversations

As the academic year gets under way we're at the point where professional work plans and goals are being set for the year ahead. This means a meeting with a professional leader where you lay out your learning for the year. Laying out your strengths and weaknesses isn't a fun process. It often involved hearing things... Continue Reading →

Links you should be reading… #Pzc2015

It's been a frantic week with plenty to read and consider at Project Zero Class.. Here are some links that caught my attention via the #PZC2015 twitter feed. Firstly. What the heck is Project Zero? Here's a lovely animation to explain. "Why walking helps us think." - as teacher we need to get our kids... Continue Reading →

#PZC2015 Smile because it happened

This week has been phenomenal. I still have so many ideas to unpack and things to think about. However I would remiss if I did not mention the amazing people I've had the pleasure of thinking and learning from this week. One of the special parts of Project Zero Classroom was the incredible study group... Continue Reading →

#PZC2015 Day 3 – Slow down

It's been a busy two days here at Project Zero Classroom. There is still a lot to think and unpack (nearly 40 pages and counting on my googledoc notes) and not much downtime too much  socialising. A moment that stayed with me today was an artful thinking workshop that I wanted to remember. For the first time I found it hard... Continue Reading →

#pzc2015 Day 1 Taming the Wild

"We do not learn from experience ... we learn from reflecting on experience." John Dewey. This week I am taking part in Project Zero Classroom- a week-long course run by a research group at Harvard University. The course focuses on understanding and enhancing high-level thinking and learning in different contexts. Most of the participants are from... Continue Reading →

Harvard yo! Project Zero Classroom

It wouldn't be summer if I wasn't doing something learning-related. This week I'm taking part in Project Zero Classroom, a week-long institute run out of Harvard University's education school. Those familiar with visible thinking routines will be aware of some of Project Zero's work. What I like about these routines is how simple actions can be utilised by students to activate... Continue Reading →

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