A Wonder-ful start to the year

With many southern hemisphere schools starting their school year, I thought I'd drop in a read aloud recommendation to start the year with. This year I started the year reading Wonder by R.J Palacio. This book is about an 11 year old boy¬†by the name of Auggie Pullman who is born with with a severe... Continue Reading →

When books tell their own story 7/365

An old children's picture book sits on the kitchen counter. Over the next few hours my brother, sister and I all comment on how much we loved this book when we were children. The colourful pictures and the story of dragon who loses his gold but gets a surprise birthday party from the children in... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Maintaining a classroom reading culture

A new year, a new group of kids but still the same goal, getting kids into reading. Even amongst the Year 8s there were a few kids that needed to get back into the reading. The kids have started bringing in books to read to themselves and I've started reading Whale Rider to the class.... Continue Reading →

How I built a culture of reading in my classroom

Of all the accomplishments I've made in my second term of teaching the one I am most proud of is building a reading culture in my class. This may sound weird as most people seem to assume that geeks eschew books in favour of gadgets. While I have proclaimed my love for my iphone, I... Continue Reading →

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