2015 in Review – Top 3 Learning opportunities

As 2015 draws to a close, I'm going to follow Chris Kennedy's lead with some year in review lists over the next few days. First up, the top 3 learning opportunities that I have take part in this year. Project Zero Classroom - The week-long institute at Harvard Graduate School of Education was the perfect mix of thought-provoking... Continue Reading →

What is the Big Idea (Friday)?

Over the last few years I evolved a tradition in my class called Big Idea Friday. It started out from my own learning where I try to write a weekly blog post about something that I've been thinking about in my teaching practice. I found the process for processing the end of a busy week... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: To surviving the first term

So it's the holidays and I seemed to have survived my first term of teaching with only a few minor meltdowns into misery and had some fun along the way. My WINS for the term would be getting 28 individual student blogs up and running (wow was that an epic adventure), bedding down some classroom... Continue Reading →

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