Re-thinking the crafting of Essential Agreements

In a Primary Years Programme (PYP) school, the formation of a team - whether staff or students - always starts off the same way creating an ‘essential agreement.' Rather than teachers imposing their rules on children, everyone in the group works together to establish an agreement of how the class will function. Like many international... Continue Reading →

Doing something outside my comfort zone…

We are two days into our in-service training week and this morning I co-led a session on restorative practices for the teachers of Years 3-6 as well as classroom assistants. For someone who has mostly been involved in educational technology and mostly as a 'guide on the side' to lead such a large group of... Continue Reading →

WARM conversations

A few people asked me if I had a graphic of the one I made up to use with the kids as conversation prompts to help them with their conversations. There's also a PDF version here. The graphic is adapted from the training I received from Restorative Schools and I would highly recommend the team... Continue Reading →

Restoring relationships through restorative practices

One of the challenging aspects of working in an international school is navigating cross-cultural differences between children. A harmless playground game can quickly escalate into a major incident when children are not aware of the ramifications of their actions. One such incident occurred last week in class when fooling for one group of children was... Continue Reading →

Refreshing Restorative Practices 29/365

Of all the PD I've undertaken so far in my teaching career, the restorative practices workshop I undertook during my first year of has left an indelible mark on my professional life. Although the term workshop sells short what I learned during my time as a provisionally registered teacher. Restorative practices permeated through everything we did as a school. Not just between... Continue Reading →

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