Fish – Judging a book before seeing its cover #grafish

Sometimes the best lessons are the ones you think of on the fly. I often read books to the children in my class on my iPhone. It's probably quite disconcerting for an outsider to walk in and see me reading away on my phone. I do worry about abandoning actual books however often the books... Continue Reading →

Sketchnoting – making read alouds more awesome

"Ohh I have a important idea, should I put it in my bubble catcher?" A bubble catcher is a place for an ideas to grow and form. As the class and I were discussing the novel, Under the Mountain, one of the children had a thought he wanted to remember later. "Yes of course what a... Continue Reading →

Bubble catcher meets sketchnoting meets Big Idea Friday

One of the things I love about being online is that you can mix and match ideas from people all over the world with your own to develop learning programmes. I have always been enamoured with @sherrattsam bubble catcher I first saw when I visited him Bangkok. When I met up with him again in Ho Chi... Continue Reading →

The art of sketchnoting #adesketchnotes

Confession time. My handwriting is so messy I can barely write my name legibly. Actually messy is an understatement. A drunken chicken making its way across the page is a more accurate description of my penmanship. It's not for want if trying, more a lack of fine motor control and spatial awareness. Unlike many primary... Continue Reading →

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