Why do schools produce yearbooks in the FaceBook era?

A grand tradition at the end of an academic year in schools is signing Yearbooks. The number of signatures you wanted garner appeared to rise the closer you were to finishing high school. A yearbook isn't just a book. It's a form of emotional closure at the end of adolescence. Yet that wave of finishing school-induced sentimentality quickly disappears. At... Continue Reading →

The online world is the real world

One of the changes I've noticed in my life since working in an international school is how fluid our concept of geography is when it comes to maintaining relationships. For my flight to Heathrow I sat with a team mate and his family along with several other families from my school - both staff and children. One of my... Continue Reading →

Social media messages – Compare and Contrast @bnighrogain

A few weeks ago I had a big rant about teachers taking to social media to teach kids 'a lesson.' Today I was on twitter and spotted a similar photo and had a completely different reaction. What I like about this photo The students are posing a question rather than a teacher. It's a  message... Continue Reading →

After #28daysofwriting how about #31daysofcommenting ?

My challenge to write a blog post a day over the next year was in response to a problem. I was not longer creating content, merely consuming it. I think part of the reason I backed away from blogging in the last few years is that the number of comments I received have  say hi, "I'm reading... Continue Reading →

Keeping the MAGIC of #ulearn12 going – 5 tips for newbies to twitter

Right another ulearn spent back-channelling. Not that I'm bitter having been at Google Apps conference, the twitter dinner, digital citizenship launch and Teachers Council social media launch it was almost like I was at conference. Oh who am I kidding. I spent my days crying into my coffee that I wasn't having fun with all... Continue Reading →

Blogging does make a difference – one teaspoon at a time

One of the purposes of my blogging has been to been to effect change. I've never for one minute thought that me putting my learning out there would shift major mountains but I did and still do think it could be used as model a different way of looking at how we document and develop... Continue Reading →

November byte counting – Blog Stats

It's now December which means I have just 1 week of this course to go. ZOMG 1 week, 1 assignment and I'm done. Can I get a whoop while I hand out some cake? Let's go for some spiced chai with honey ginger cream this time? Nom, nom, nom. In the mean time there are... Continue Reading →

A question for schools: what does your digital footprint say about you?

In the midst of job search season I've been spending a lot of time trawling school's websites. The process reminds me yet again about how we have such weird attitudes to the internet. Having online presence often gets a bit of a bad rap when it is mentioned in the context of student teachers. One... Continue Reading →

And you still want to ban social media from schools?

Love this clip from the folks at Socialnomics. Key quote for me: "US department of Education found online students out performed those receiving Face to Face instruction." That has implications for educators regardless of the age of the students and is another reason why we need to stop talking about e-learning and just call it... Continue Reading →

Measuring social media effectiveness: got Klout?

Interesting article about the use of twitter by US-based educators as a way to shape debates about education reform.  New companies like Klout are springing up using algorithms to measure the effectiveness of your twitter and facebook accounts. According to Klout is not enough to merely gain a huge amount of followers and friends, the company also looks for the... Continue Reading →

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