Weekly Reflection: Beginnings

This week I traveled down to Wellington to see the school I will be working for next year and try and find a place to live. Despite living in Wellington for a couple of years as a child this was very much a trip into the unknown. I had never set foot in the school... Continue Reading →

Job hunting advice for Beginning Teachers – it’s about networking!

There's no way to sugar-coat it, the job market for graduating teachers at the moment sucks. If you are lucky, you might end up getting a teaching job from your placement but don't count on it. Right now there are too many teaching graduates and not enough jobs. A far cry from when my mother... Continue Reading →

How Twitter helped me land my first teaching job!

'Isn't twitter just people talking about what they had for breakfast?' That's the most common reaction I get when I mention my Twitter addiction. A lot of people don't understand why I would want to virtually hang out with people I've met and have a conversation. What could you possibly say in 140 characters that... Continue Reading →

My first teaching job interview was a group one – and I loved it!

Last Friday I had my first teaching job interview. I was very humbled to get to this stage of the process as I know the school had received a huge amount of interest not mention applications from all over the North Island and some from the South as well! But this was a job interview with... Continue Reading →

How a simple warm up can lead to learning

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 1.a Graduating Teachers have content knowledge appropriate to the learners and learning areas of their programme. It was just a simple maths warm up called 'guess my number.' It's kind of like hangman but for maths. Now I'm sure you are rolling your eyeballs. Hangman? Seriously? But the thing is... Continue Reading →

Guest post from a school student: what makes a good teacher?

I'm very honoured to have another brilliant guest post from a current school student on the topic 'what makes a good teacher? A good primary school teacher doesn’t have to be a genius. They don’t have to let you get away with anything (but that’s always a bonus). But if you are lucky enough to spend some time... Continue Reading →

Why I’m done talking about e-learning and you should be too

Right now that I've got your attention hear me out. I can assure I will still be blogging, tweeting and generally living my life through a browser. However while reflecting on my e-learning philosophies and practice for a job application I suddenly had a thought, why don't we just call it learning? I've been using the internet to learn... Continue Reading →

My students call me by my first name and I kind of like it

I've changed my position on students calling teachers by their first names. During my first placement was at an intermediate school where I went by Ms Lastname and was reasonably convinced that this was the way to go. I didn't particularly want to be on a first name basis with my students due to always having to be... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: Making the most of teachable moments

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 4.a Graduating teachers draw upon content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge when planning, teaching and evaluating. One problem I've been mulling over for the last few months is making the most of teachable moments. I know that there are moments when teachers need to, in the words of my former eduction... Continue Reading →

A student speaks: What makes a good teacher?

During my studies I read a lot from professors and other teachers about what makes a good teacher but I never hear from the most important people of all, current students! So I have handed  the microphone to 'lessons to be learned,'  a year 9 student, to give a guest lecture to future and current teachers... Continue Reading →

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