It’s science week: so start your starter!

It's specialist week this week and with a choice of social science, technology and science I just had to go for science. Science is fun, science is magic, science starts with a cup of flour? No I haven't gone for food tech I'm growing something! I wonder what this goopy mess of flour and warm... Continue Reading →

How Twitter helped me land my first teaching job!

'Isn't twitter just people talking about what they had for breakfast?' That's the most common reaction I get when I mention my Twitter addiction. A lot of people don't understand why I would want to virtually hang out with people I've met and have a conversation. What could you possibly say in 140 characters that... Continue Reading →

What is the role of the university in the digital age?

This video really makes me homesick for South Korea. Having lived there for four years, I'll probably always have a soft spot for the country (and its neighbour to the North where I spent a fascinating week locked inside). I love how Tesco have  used the internet and technology to bring its stores to the... Continue Reading →

How forgetting about ‘the teaching’ helped my students and I learn

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 4.c "Graduating teachers demonstrate high expectations of all learners, focus on learning and recognise and value diversity" Graduating teachers focus on the learning. It seems like such a simple idea, you can talk about it, read it but actually doing it? That took me a long time. For my first... Continue Reading →

What is the purpose of the Graduating Teacher Standards?

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 7.b Graduating teachers uphold the New Zealand Teachers Council Code of Ethics/Ngā Tikanga Matatika. A few weeks ago I had someone "why were graduating teacher standards established in nz" and I thought "that's a good question to which I don't know the answer." So I decided to blog on it... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: the worst possible week to get sick

After ending last week on a high I was super duper excited to get back into the classroom for week five, I planned up a storm over the weekend and was feeling excited about what lay ahead. And then I woke up on Monday morning feeling absolutely awful. Despite thinking I merely had a cold which I... Continue Reading →

Guest post from a school student: what makes a good teacher?

I'm very honoured to have another brilliant guest post from a current school student on the topic 'what makes a good teacher? A good primary school teacher doesn’t have to be a genius. They don’t have to let you get away with anything (but that’s always a bonus). But if you are lucky enough to spend some time... Continue Reading →

Why I’m done talking about e-learning and you should be too

Right now that I've got your attention hear me out. I can assure I will still be blogging, tweeting and generally living my life through a browser. However while reflecting on my e-learning philosophies and practice for a job application I suddenly had a thought, why don't we just call it learning? I've been using the internet to learn... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Educating an autistic child is an opportunity

Many thanks to the author of the wonderful blog Autism and Oughtisms for agreeing to write this spectacular post. Although the post is intended for student teachers it has lessons for everyone within the education system. I’m going to start this post by telling you to read something else, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the symptoms of... Continue Reading →

Why I made my learning visible (aka why I write this blog)

As far as I am aware, this blog is the only one of its kind on the internet one written from the perspective of a student teacher in a New Zealand Teacher education programme. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of students studying to be teachers up and down New Zealand. What's more I don't get any... Continue Reading →

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