Setting new teachers up for failure – Does the New Zealand education system eat its young?

An interesting article appeared in my newsfeed this morning on retaining 'quality' teachers. The first thing that struck me was the use of language. Would the study of retaining teachers have been as newsworthy if there wasn't  'quality' or 'elite' teachers to contrast with the legion of 'bad' teachers in our classrooms. There's often a red... Continue Reading →

The right personality for teaching?

Like many teachers I'm astounded by the National's Party's plan to test aspiring teacher's personality. Is the party's answer to every problem in education to test students? However the rest of the party's teacher education policy, behind the more headline-grabbing ideas is well worth an examination. The first is the party's plans to make teaching... Continue Reading →

A question for schools: what does your digital footprint say about you?

In the midst of job search season I've been spending a lot of time trawling school's websites. The process reminds me yet again about how we have such weird attitudes to the internet. Having online presence often gets a bit of a bad rap when it is mentioned in the context of student teachers. One... Continue Reading →

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