We can’t all be right all the time – why a little bit of online conflict is a good thing

Early in my career I had a team leader who had a reputation for being highly critical. Other teachers thought this teacher was hard to work with. My team leader could harpoon an idea at any meeting big or small with a simple question: "Have you thought about..." It was a highly effective strategy. I still... Continue Reading →

Setting new teachers up for failure – Does the New Zealand education system eat its young?

An interesting article appeared in my newsfeed this morning on retaining 'quality' teachers. The first thing that struck me was the use of language. Would the study of retaining teachers have been as newsworthy if there wasn't  'quality' or 'elite' teachers to contrast with the legion of 'bad' teachers in our classrooms. There's often a red... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Finish line in sight

This post marks my 40th weekly reflection. If this course was pregnancy, I'd be passing out eviction notices about now. This week really does feel like the beginning of the end of my teaching studies. Tomorrow marks my last exam and after the exam I've got a professional practice paper and then I'll have officially... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: The junior juggling act

Before I went out on Teaching Experience, I had a couple of people mention that year 1/2 teachers have it easy because all the kids are learning at this age group is their 123s and their ABCs with some finger painting thrown in for fun. I'm convinced that anyone who thinks this must never have... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection – Holidays are for learning too!

Aside from Nethui and EdCampTT  the other thing I've been doing with my holidays is visiting  schools that I had an interest in teaching for in 2012. Although each school had a different organisational culture and leadership style the common theme I've had from talking to the principals and teachers I've met along the way... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: If you want to learn, don’t let the geek touch your device!

This week I took my PLN building offline. Initially I was just going to Internet NZ's NetHui, however when @fionagrant offered up a seat to the  Tai Tokerau Educamp, I got up at stupid o'clock on a Saturday to make the journey up to Whangarei to see what these camps are all about. The week was hugely... Continue Reading →

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