What they don’t tell you about your first day of teaching

I consider it a glaring omission of my Teacher Education that nobody mentioned the importance of a neck chain for your classroom keys. Having never been the guardian of a classroom of learners has also meant that I have never been in the possession of a set of classroom keys. In the absence of any students at... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: The Last Post

New Zealand Graduating Teacher Standard 7.c "Graduating Teachers are able to articulate and justify an emerging personal, professional philosophy of teaching and learning." What my Diploma in Teaching helped me Learn 45 weeks 6 exams 13 assignments 2 teaching placements 169 posts 29,311 hits And as of 2.13pm on Thursday I'm done. When I enrolled... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Crowd sourcing education

This week has been the week of the essay. One big huge 5,000 worder, a portfolio on my teaching philosophy. Considering that this blog is a living, breathing artefact of my teaching philosophy the assignment in theory should have been cinch. After all I churn out 1,000 words posts several times a week. But this... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: To the positive deviants

Election nights are great. As one of my friends on facebook noted it’s one of the few times that geeks ca spend Saturday night sitting in front of the TV computer screen and not feel ashamed for doing so. Despite spending election night at the Red Team’s HQ over in Mount Roskill, presumably in the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Beginnings

This week I traveled down to Wellington to see the school I will be working for next year and try and find a place to live. Despite living in Wellington for a couple of years as a child this was very much a trip into the unknown. I had never set foot in the school... Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection: in praise of doing something new

I must admit I am an atheist when it comes to the topic of team sport. It's not that I'm against physical activity it's just I'm more of a gym-going yoga-loving marathon-running type of person. I've never  understood the point of chasing a ball around predefined area as either a spectator or participant. Moreover I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: finding beauty in imperfection

Fun fact: I played the cello in high school. Now that I've outed myself as an orchestra geek I can talk about my instrument which was a beautiful old thing. I was convinced that the instrument had lived a long life and had an interesting story to tell. Even if the story was being played... Continue Reading →

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