On community versus broadcasting

During my Cambodian sojourn I took part in a food tour through the markets in Siem Reap and out to a rural village. Talking with the guide we got on to the topic of social media. I casually mentioned that I found the business through a contact on Instagram. While I enjoyed following this business's... Continue Reading →

New Post: Change is as good as a holiday

I am Beginning Teacher. Last week I left work at 3pm, went shopping and had a leisurely coffee before going to the gym. On a school night. There are some teachers, I would be one of them, who would be appalled a teacher much less a Beginning Teacher would do such a thing. They'll be even more... Continue Reading →

Lessons for my first year of teaching from @flyairnz

I spent summer moving cities and am now firmly ensconced in Wellington. Of the many joys I've discovered about living in Wellington as an adult there are two aspects of the city I don't much care for; the weather and the airport. Despite my love of travelling around the world I don't do well with... Continue Reading →

The most beautiful school in the world: Remarkables Primary

I had forgotten how beautiful Queenstown was until I ventured down over the weekend and stumbled upon the most beautiful school on the planet just a few blocks away from where I used to live. So join in me in a spot of edu-tourism blogging. Remarkables Primary is nestled into the shore of lake Wakatipu,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Eat, Pray… Teach?

What a difference a day makes. Last Sunday I was in one of those funks we  fall into when we think things aren't quite coming to plan. ZOMG what am I back at university again? What on earth am I doing writing about it on the internet? I'm never going get a job. 24 hours... Continue Reading →

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