We can’t all be right all the time – why a little bit of online conflict is a good thing

Early in my career I had a team leader who had a reputation for being highly critical. Other teachers thought this teacher was hard to work with. My team leader could harpoon an idea at any meeting big or small with a simple question: "Have you thought about..." It was a highly effective strategy. I still... Continue Reading →

10 tweets that add value 5/365

@whatedsaid ponders what types of tweets that don't add value. The beauty of Twitter is that if you find someone isn't adding value to your timeline, you can unfollow them. I've unfollowed some edu rock stars after just a few days yet followed unknown tweeters for years. This medley of educators keeps my timeline alive... Continue Reading →

Singapore bound – so long NZ and thanks for all the fish

Next year sees a change for me. I'm off to teach at an international school in Singapore. My current school has been really, really, really good to me. I've been afforded some incredible professional development opportunities and had a lot of autonomy to do some cool things with my class. Nevertheless I found myself feeling... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: The value of connections

Over the last few days I've seen a few pleas for help about the value of being a connected educator. I define a connected educator as one who uses social media to connect with other educators in their field. The platform for connections is actually relatively unimportant. blogs, twitter, pintrest, facebook, ning, google+, bulletin boards,... Continue Reading →

Professional Development goes global – Why Twitter for teachers rocks

The days are starting to get shorter and stationary is starting to be bought which depending on your point of view is either the end of the holidays or the start of a new school year. I'm going to go for a glass is half full interpretation and say it's the start of 2013. My... Continue Reading →

Keeping the MAGIC of #ulearn12 going – 5 tips for newbies to twitter

Right another ulearn spent back-channelling. Not that I'm bitter having been at Google Apps conference, the twitter dinner, digital citizenship launch and Teachers Council social media launch it was almost like I was at conference. Oh who am I kidding. I spent my days crying into my coffee that I wasn't having fun with all... Continue Reading →

November byte counting – Blog Stats

It's now December which means I have just 1 week of this course to go. ZOMG 1 week, 1 assignment and I'm done. Can I get a whoop while I hand out some cake? Let's go for some spiced chai with honey ginger cream this time? Nom, nom, nom. In the mean time there are... Continue Reading →

Learning who to follow – operation job search reflection

Since I've spent a few days hanging out at the school I will be teaching at, I thought it would be worthwhile checking in with what I felt an ideal school would be for me at the start of operation job search. High expectations and high trust - Definitely feeling the weight of expectations, but... Continue Reading →

Do geeks learn differently? (A Virtual Learning Network Challenge)

At the end of Educampakl I asked the question do geeks learn differently? I thought this would be an excellent topic to explore for the Virtual Learning Network's November e-learning challenge to answer the question: "What kinds of skills/knowledge/attitudes do teachers – and students – need if we are going to use technology effectively? Geeks... Continue Reading →

Back channeling: How I am attending #ulearn11 in my PJs

For a variety of reasons it wasn't feasible for me to attend #ulearn11. Fortunately hundreds of wannabe and bonafide edugeeks are on hand to help facilitate my learning. So from the comfort of my lounge I ambled into the #ulearn11 conversations. And what a feast of information there was out there. Alongside the twitter stream which... Continue Reading →

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