10 Tips for student teachers on placement

I was recently asked by a reader if I could give my tips for surviving teaching placement, practicum, teaching experience. Having gone through the experience myself and having watched two sets of student teachers come into our school, I'm not too far removed but I also get the benefit of seeing part of the other... Continue Reading →

What is the role of the university in the digital age?

This video really makes me homesick for South Korea. Having lived there for four years, I'll probably always have a soft spot for the country (and its neighbour to the North where I spent a fascinating week locked inside). I love how Tesco have  used the internet and technology to bring its stores to the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – The post in which I am not going to whine exams

Since this week I was on study leave, I could whine about exams. But seeing as I moaned about that last week I feel I should be blogging about something of more substance. So instead I'll have a go at taking apart this very bad idea from KPMG: Only students doing courses that benefit the... Continue Reading →

Are degrees worth the debt?

I still have a student loan. Not a big one, but it's still there.  Prior to embarking on University 2.0, my loan was into the four-figure territory but this round of tuition fees has me back in the five figures again. Thank goodness this time around the loans are interest-free, because without it my loan would still be well... Continue Reading →

The first week freak out

"A 4,000 word essay due in 2 weeks and an exam in less than a month. I may never emerge from the mountain of readings I will be doing in the next four weeks" My facebook update after the first day of classes. My first week of university I found myself overwhelmed at the amount... Continue Reading →

A long road into teaching…

Kia Ora Kotou, As this is my first post on my new blog, I thought I would tell the story of how I ended up training to be a teacher. And the most obvious question that springs to mind is why haven't I got my teaching qualification already? The answer to that question is that... Continue Reading →

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