The tour guide on the side – inquiry outside the classroom

Field trips. Barking at the children to not touch, wander off, fidget and listen attentively all while in the public eye. It's stressful. Does it need to be? Inquiry learning is something teachers plan for in the safety of the school environment. However, once we take children on field trips, it's easy to slip back into... Continue Reading →

The power of voice…

One of the unintended consequences of re-thinking rubrics  has been uncovering the power of voice. All too often in assessment we look to the power of written and drawn reflection to gauge students understanding and misconceptions. Yet voice is just as powerful tool for uncovering hidden attitudes not just in terms of what the children say... Continue Reading →

iPads – The Thinkers tool #ipadkl

Slide deck from my Presentation on using iPads to make thinking visible from the iPad summit in KL.

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