Advice to new edubloggers – both teacher and student

It's 2012 and you've decided you've decided that this is the year you are going to start writing a blog or even take an old blog out of hibernation. At this stage I'm writing based on my experience as a student teacher developing a social media presence but really I imagine  a lot of this... Continue Reading →

Find time to blog – aka content management

I've had a lot of people ask me how I can possibly find time to write lengthy posts at such a crazy time of year for teachersespecially those new to the profession. I'm going to let you on a little secret. I'm not finding that much time to blog at this time of the year.... Continue Reading →

January Byte Counting – Blog stats

Welcome back to byte counting, 2012. I didn't keep much in the way of stats in December but had my busiest day ever on December 6 with 923 hits after the charter schools went (by my standards) viral. Despite only starting posting from January 23,  I had a reasonably large amount of traffic considering it was the school holidays.... Continue Reading →

November byte counting – Blog Stats

It's now December which means I have just 1 week of this course to go. ZOMG 1 week, 1 assignment and I'm done. Can I get a whoop while I hand out some cake? Let's go for some spiced chai with honey ginger cream this time? Nom, nom, nom. In the mean time there are... Continue Reading →

September byte counting – Blog Stats

September has been another huge month on the blog .  Firstly I managed to crack 15,000 hits on the blog. Considering I only managed 5,000 hits  in the first half of the year, there has been a definte pick up in the last few months. Attending events like educamps and nethui have been a real... Continue Reading →

Building up traffic to your blog – it’s all about effective engagement

I don't pretend to be an expert on the topic of blogging, education or otherwise. Some blogs get more traffic in hour than I have reached in the last 8 months. But this is what I know from being a non-entity to almost 14,000 hits in less than a year: the writing content is the... Continue Reading →

August byte counting – blogging stats and cake.

ZOMG is that August gone? This month has zipped by with lots of learning due to being out on Teaching Experience and also the awesome #educampAKL. I had expected the blog to take a rather large dip in traffic due to being out on TE, so figured aside from hitting the 10k mark the stats... Continue Reading →

Why #wordpress is better than blogspot

AKA as the post in which I kill any chance of ever becoming a Google Certified Teacher. Let me preface my rant by saying that Google does an awesome job at some things.  I've used google as a search engine since 1999, gmail since 2005, I think chrome is the best browser at the moment... Continue Reading →

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