Using documentation to power up writing

One of the challenges of teaching writing is that it can be challenging for children to see improvements day on day. They often zero in on surface features: spelling, the legibility of their script, punctuation as areas for improvement. One of the challenges for me as a teacher is to help the children catch that... Continue Reading →

Breaking Educational Moulds – cursive handwriting 

Disclosure. I never earned my pen licence. My cursive script never reached the standard worthy of teacher approval to use permanent ink by the end of primary school. Despite many well-meaning interventions over the years, my handwriting is still awful. An ugly hybrid of three different scripts with poorly formed letters.Most of the Year 4... Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: More than the sum of their academic parts

I have students. 29 of them to be exact. When people talk about raising class sizes as if just a couple of kids won't make much more of a difference I wonder if they have ever actually experienced what is like to  mark and analyse the results of 29 students.  Don't get me wrong I'm the sort... Continue Reading →

The right tools for writing?

At the moment I'm doing some nannying work for 3 boys. Boy B had a writing assignment for homework which he left to the last minute and was struggling to come up with something to turn in. His topic was to write a news report on Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. Boy B had... Continue Reading →

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